Cheers to Good times and even better people rolling in!

With the Athletic Department being a key pillar in what makes the Tattersalls so great, we are always proud to boost about our constantly evolving and upskilling team, to ensure that members get the best experience every time they enter.

Josefa joined our team six weeks ago and has proven to be a perfect fit for Our club! So If you have been to the AD lately there is a strong chance you would’ve been greeted by our newest (and dare we say enthusiastic) staff member Josefa.

Having a background of a trained criminal lawyer from Chile, Josefa was working around the clock and struggling to find a way to relax after work.
But after trying yoga at a friend’s recommendation Josefa instantly fell in love and knew that health and fitness (and more specifically Yoga) was for her.

Making the move from Law to Fitness has allowed Josefa to find her calling and allowed her to make the transition into the Tattersalls.
Coming to Australia and embracing the outdoorsy lifestyle and chilled vibe that we are known for, she has been studying and practicing yoga ever since.

She will be covering some of our upcoming Yoga classes, and is also available for 1 on 1 sessions as well as corporate yoga for small teams, so do join her for a Zen fitness session.

Please join us in welcoming Josefa to the Athletic team, if you have any questions regarding Yoga or to book any of Josefa’s upcoming classes please reach out to the AD team at