As we chart our course into the future, it’s vital that we acknowledge our past, as it holds valuable lessons that propel us towards growth. We are thrilled to dive into the Third vote members had to go through to shape our journey to inclusivity and progress, in this case – the historic decision to welcome female members into Tattersalls Club.

Turning back the pages of time, we arrive at the early months of 2013, a period that would forever mark a turning point in Tattersalls Club’s legacy. Colin Dunn, our chairman, initiated a moment of reflection by engaging our members in a consultation. The objective was simple yet profound: to gather insights, thoughts, and opinions on the possibility of embracing women as Tattersalls members.

Through a combination of online surveys and direct interactions with our General Manager, our members seized the opportunity to share their perspectives, hopes, and concerns.

After thorough contemplation and a Special General Meeting convened on May 29, 2013, a resounding affirmation emerged from our membership: a majority of members voted in favour of extending membership to women. This decision was more than a vote; it was a declaration of our commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse environment.

However, as with any transformative journey, challenges and deliberations followed. The path to inclusivity wasn’t without its hurdles. A second Special General Meeting on June 26, 2013, was dedicated to the ratification of the Club’s Rules to solidify the monumental decision. Regrettably, this particular juncture witnessed a defeat, requiring further consideration and support to fully embrace this transformation.

This juncture, although encountered with a temporary setback, amplified the Club’s commitment to progress. It signified a significant stride towards a future that is more open, diverse, and inclusive. As a result, a third Special General Meeting was convened on August of the same year. During this meeting, members resoundingly voted “YES” bringing us one step closer to extending a warm welcome to female members of the Club. With just one more affirmative vote, the potential to alter the course of the Club’s history became evident.

As we celebrate this significant chapter in our history, we extend an invitation to each member to celebrate with us this upcoming 20 September in the Members Bar. Together, we’ll raise our glasses not only to welcome new members but also to honour a groundbreaking achievement – our fourth and final vote that approved women to proudly become members of Tattersalls Club.

Raise your glasses, not only in commemoration of the past but also in anticipation of the future.

To RSVP for our upcoming event on 20 September please contact