April is fast approaching, and we sense a new sub-club forming within our ranks. This sub-club will focus on Ice Baths, and we are inviting you to help name it.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to flex your creative muscles and come up with a name that best represents the theme and purpose of the sub-club. We welcome all kinds of suggestions, whether they are funny or serious, quirky or straightforward.

To participate in the naming process, simply click here with your proposed name for the sub-club. The deadline for submissions is March 30.

Once we have received all the suggestions, our team will review them and select the one that suits the Club best and the member who suggested the name will receive a special prize, and their winning name will be used as the official title of the sub club.

So don’t miss out on this chance to leave your mark on our organization and help us create a unique and memorable sub-club!