In 2021 the Tattersalls Club promoted sustainability as one of its core goals.

Over the last two and a half years, recycling and reuse programs have been brought into the Club, limiting the carbon footprint produced.

The next stage of this rollout will commence on 30 October with the Athletic Department removing single-use razors from circulation.

Over the past few months, the Athletic Department has created a relationship with Dollar Shave Club to help implement these changes.

To make this transition smoother than a fresh shave, members will be able to access a reusable handle and a pack of 4 blades.

The blade heads have been meticulously created to ensure that they last a minimum of two weeks before needing to be changed.

Depending on usage and coarseness of hair, it means that members can get essentially two months’ worth of shaving done with minimal impact on the environment.

Razor heads will be collected on-site and recycled through Terra cycle’s recycling plan to ensure zero wastage in the future.

We look forward to rolling out this next phase of sustainability!