In honour of the King’s Coronation, Tattersalls will be serving the Dubonnet Cocktail – the late Queen Elizabeth ll’s favourite drink. A rich concoction that is slightly sweeter than the average sweet vermouth that has been replaced.

The Queen grew up in a different age, when pre-luncheon cocktails were an everyday occurrence, being allowed to drink was a mark of being an adult. And drinking this cocktail was her go-to beverage because it is the perfect aperitif, served with Gin and Dubonnet; which is a French aperitif that has been around since 1846. It is made from a blend of red grapes, herbs & aromatics and quinine. Said to help combat malaria, quinine was originally a key component in tonic water, hence the popularity of gin and tonics.

You will find notes of orange, nuts, chocolate and even coffee in the flavour, and as the Queen preferred, with a lemon twist.

Come join us next week at Tattersalls and raise a toast to the Royal Family, and to celebrate what was a faithful and perhaps reassuring touchstone in an incredible life.

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