Some people enjoy the good things in life, other people are more disciplined – if you ask our Member Matt Corkhill, it’s all about balance. One of our young Members and a regular in Malcolm’s classes, he is starting to explore the world of whisky with help from his fiancé Olivia. Together they reviewed March’s whisky of the month, the Bertrand Uberach French Single Malt.

“My fiancé Matt Corkhill is still on his whisky L-Plates, so I was happy to put my palate to work for this unique drop. Special mention to my dad Chris Poulos, cognac connoisseur, for teaching me everything I know about liquid gold!

Colour: Brass gold
Nose: Caramel notes with hints of toffee, distantly clove-like with a touch of cardamom and sherry
Palate: Fruit forward with hints of spice and gingerbread
Water: A drop if required, otherwise heat dissipates
Finish: Well rounded, true to nose, sweet with a light peppery finish

Our first French single malt didn’t disappoint, this whisky from the stunning wine region provided a complex, fruit cake flavour which kept us going back for more!”

Thank you Matt and Olivia, for reviewing this month’s whisky!