Etiquette can be defined as “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group”.

While we strive to uphold the rich traditions of Tattersalls Club, there are times when pivots need to be made to ensure every member gets a five-star experience that we all expect.

Due to member feedback from our recent Survey, the club would like to ensure the bellow etiquette is followed:

  • No shaving or grooming shall be done in the Sauna or Steam room. The club provides complimentary shaving gel and cream in both change rooms, and we ask all members to use the sinks only to groom themselves.
  • Return used cups to the Lane 5 sink area. Do not leave used cups around the gym or change room facilities.
  • Members are to be fully dressed before heading to the Athletic Floor- this includes wearing a singlet and/or shirt and suitable footwear. Please take advantage of the benches provided around the club to put your shoes on.
  • Members are to use the change room facilities for all costume changes- please refrain from undressing fully on the pool deck.
  • Members are to dispose of their rubbish (including used razors, used tissues and paper towels) in the bins provided in the change rooms and Athletic floor.
  • Please refrain from going behind the Athletic Department desk, we know there are times that we must step away from the desk to attend to laundry or other matters, but we ask that you wait for us to check you in. This includes providing you with the locker key and any athletic attire you might need.

Thank you to all those who sent us your feedback and are helping us to improve the quality of our service.

For any questions or a discussion regarding the above, please email Athletic Department Manager Malcolm at