Last Friday at the club’s Fin Review, Chris Fydler Olympic Gold Medalist and member, was host for two greats at Tattersalls pool.

Brendan Maher has an extraordinary resume including Rottnest, Palm to Shelly beach and the English Channel. Justin Hanby, with an equally impressive resume adding Manhattan, Catalina, and the English Channel, as well. Chris explored what it takes to achieve such feats, including the triple crown.

One of Australia’s largest ocean swims the “Port to Pub”, is an annual ocean swimming event in Western Australia. Two races are offered: a 19.7 km channel crossing from Leighton Beach to Rottnest Island; and a 25 km swim which adds a 5 km loop course before the channel crossing.

Justin crossed the finish line in the lighting quick time of 6h 54mins placing him in the top 5 of the 50 entrants who took the swim on.

But today, Justin is the man of the moment. Many of us know Justin and have seen some of the work he puts in, but what many of you don’t see is the dedication and hours Justin does when no one is around.

It’s not a strange site to see Justin perched up in the pool in Lane 1 with his arms supported by two kickboards and with his laptop in front of him working away while kicking training for hours on end.

Justin is a tireless ambassador for the Blackdog institute, again dedicating this swim to this amazing Charity raising vital funds along the way to help those in need.
For this reason and everything Justin has achieved we are pleased to announce him as our March Athletic Department member of the Month.

Congratulations Justin!