For those avid readers of the Tattersalls Club Newsletter you’ll know that we normally award AD MOTM in the fourth week of the month.

The extreme calibre of athletes we had nominated for September AD MOTM is the reason for us posting this now.

September saw half and full marathons being run, French and Italian alps climbed on bikes, New Zealand remarkables being Trek’d and the ever elusive but always popular division 7 touch football grand final win.

Everyone member who participated in their respective sporting events was incredible, but as we know it’s the journey and not the destination that counts – so our AD MOTM gets the nod for the journey that they undertook to complete their goal.

Maria Cresta set about running her first half marathon in nearly 20 years, the goal was inspired by her earlier Trek to Everest base camp – Maria knew having something to train for would keep her focused and on track.

With the ultimate goal of finishing the marathon sub 2 hours Maria followed her training plan to the finest of margins (remember the journey not the destination) guided by her coach Damien and with the support of the Tattersalls run club community, Maria finished the half marathon in a PB and in the lightning fast time of 1 hour 58mins.

Maria and all of us know that a dream without a goal is a wish but a goal without a plan is just a dream.

So for Maria’s amazing run time, training, dedication and overall commitment to making a dream into a goal we award Maria our September AD MOTM.