If consistency is the key – this guy must be a locksmith.

There are very few who come close to our January AD Member of the Month in terms of consistency, effort, drive and not to mention all round niceness.

We are talking about the one and only John Edstein. John is a key pillar of the early morning crew and participates in every 6am class we offer.

John is known for his famous warm-up routine of doing pushups on top of basketballs and swiss balls, as well as ab roll outs that would snap most people backs in half.

To be successfully nominated for AD Member of the Month you must meet a certain criteria, and John meets all of these in spades.

  1. Regularity of participation in sporting club activities and the Athletic Department in general.
    He regularly participates in the Athletic Department Classes
  1. Degree of success.
    John was in our top 5 for the Xmas blade and Hanrahan Glover Cup
  1. Sportsmanship demonstrated.
    John regularly goes out of his way to inspire and motivate those around him
  1. Enthusiasm and general contribution and 5. General standing and reputation in relation to overall Club Membership.
    You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who is more well liked in the Athletic Department than John.

Following on from the above, John receives this nomination due to his impressive ability to switch between disciplines in the annual marathon; starting with rowing 8.8kms, to running and being at the front of the group, back to being one of the first rowers completing the distance the following day – a true athlete!

Well done John on being January’s AD Member of the Month. John is now in the running for Sports Person of the Year 2022.