Important celebrations need to be planned. And what could be more important than celebrating life?

Last year we had the honour of being part of some of our members’ milestone celebrations. We curated intimate dinners to larger creative events, such as the birthday celebration of Member Luke Brbot’s partner, Olivia.

During Olivia’s event, guests had the unique experience of participating in an exclusive Gnocchi Class led by our Italian Chef, Andrea. The cooking class concluded with everyone savouring their freshly made gnocchi paired with a delightful selection of wines.

“Honestly the night was perfect, it was so smooth. Everyone had an amazing time. I had friends messaging me the next day saying they had a great time. I also had a friend telling me that was the most enjoyable birthday she had been to.” – Olivia.

Trust our staff to create the best experience for you and your loved ones. These are the moments you will remember.