In an ancient fishing village of Costa Brava and Costa Daurada, Spain lies a thirteenth-century Chapel that houses a custom-made destileria in which Gin Mare is made. Gin Mare four principal botanicals are Arbequina olives, rosemary, thyme and basil, but it has chosen to pay tribute to one of the most beloved and potent symbols of the Mediterranean the beautiful Island of Capri, Italy by adding lemon of Capri and Bergamot of Sorrento.

The Citrus is immediate and palate forward bringing a lively and fresh lemon essence which will transport you to the sun-soaked shore of Capri. The nose opens of citrus fruits, thyme and candied fruits mixed with the soft acidity of bergamot. The finish is rounded by the olive flavours that gives its unique length in the mouth. The Gin is best served with tonic and a sprig of rosemary or a Capri Sour.

So join us in the Members’ Bar for a Gin Mare Capri and enjoy your Mediterranean moment because good conversation and losing all sense of time is priceless, this is the art of living.

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