Last month Tattersalls Athletic Department did the Push for Better challenge, and nearly 70 members put their hands up to complete 3144 push-ups in 23 days in teams of 3, so each individual had to complete 45 push-ups a day to help the team get the final goal.

There were whispers and murmurs early on that some individuals wanted to take on the challenge by themselves. After registrations were complete, we had 3 brave volunteers who took on the full event: Alastair McKibbin, Robert Miniter and John Edstein.

With 2 of the 3 members using the push for better App the team in the Athletic department was able to track their movements and tallies.

One of the 3 decided to go rogue and create their own spreadsheet, not following the law of the land this member couldn’t handle the idea of rest days or minimal sets and decided to complete the challenge in only 16 days instead of the allowed 23.

We are talking about Mr. John “Gotta get it done” Edstein. John took the challenge head-on, doing sets of 30 between mowing his lawn, a quick set of 50 before taking on boot camp, and our favourite, a lazy 300 on a Monday to start the week right.

John loves challenges and is often the first to put his hand up to take on whatever the team in the Athletic Department creates, his enthusiasm and encouragement of others to participate radiates well with other members and is one of the reasons why we decided to ward him this month’s Athletic member of the month.

Well done John, and again another huge congratulations to Alastair and Robert for completing the full challenge.