This Father’s day, treat your Dad with something a little extra special with Tattersalls!

With the rebranding of our exclusive Tattersalls Merchandise, we have something for all the dads out there, from practical wear to the winter ready,  surprise your dad with our classic merchandise collection. Some of our bestsellers are listed below:

Polo Shirt for $50

This shirt has been designed to be lightweight but practical, with soft branding on its right side and bold branding on the left. Our polo shirts pass the golf range test and can be worn all year round. Our Members find this shirt really comfortable to wear for workouts or even just for hanging out in the Club. A snazzy shirt for all the cool dads out there.

Titleist Pro V Golf balls 12 for $85

For the expert golfer or for those new to the sport, Tattersalls has exclusive branded Titleist Prov V balls. Pro V are the ultimate balls when it comes to golf with over 70 years of research designed to get the greatest flight off your Tee shot with minimal time spent in the rough or in the water ( we can’t guarantee this). With this, you will definitely look the part.

Burgundy Business Tie for $50

This one is exceptionally special as it pays homage to our traditional branding and represents the culture and value of our Club.

Its sharp yet subtle look makes it perfect to wear on any occasion from races, weddings, Business events or for some of our members into court (on the good side of course).

Tattersalls Sloppy Joe for $85

This jumper is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a comfortable and warm garment, yet still being very lightweight and comfortable for exercising. Perfect fit for those early morning jogs or something to wear after an evening surfing session in the ocean.  Our team has been rocking these crewnecks since we got them and they can’t get enough of them; we believe all the fit dads out there would make great use of it.

Explore these and more such gifting options at the Athletic Department desk or to directly make a purchase, please contact the team at