BOF momentum continues with a fascinating discussion on Tuesday. A round table share and debate on return to work plans for our BOF team and their businesses.

Next BOF meeting will explore: How to correctly price professional services during inflation

A short keynote by Matt Braithwaite-Young.

Matt presents the first keynote of the post-COVID BOF breakfasts.

With inflation on the way and likely to end up at 4% or even more, most firms are considering how to adapt their prices to hold margin or maintain market share – and possibly both.

If you attend you’ll learn:

  • What inflation is and isn’t,  and the real link with your pricing
  • Why most people think about pricing entirely the wrong way round (hint: blame the accountants)
  • The Amazon and Netflix effect: how behavioural economics and memberships have revolutionised pricing
  • How the multinationals run pricing adjustments and how this 4 step method can apply to any business
  • The 3 questions that underpin a complete counter-inflation pricing strategy

This presentation is the exact ‘urgent response’ briefing given to boards to several well-known local firms.

After the short presentation during the Q&A, you’ll be able to ask any questions – and of course, you’ll also be able to find out the secrets of the BOF team and what they’re doing with their pricing  (under the Chatham House rule, of course).

Matt is a market economist and runs Turning Leaf which is a strategy consulting firm that helps companies clarify strategic plans for sales and marketing. He has worked on pricing with hundreds of firms and is old enough to have developed pricing strategies through previous inflation spikes such as the dot com boom in 99-00.

Followed by Q&A and round-table discussion

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Tuesday 26 April 2022
07:30 start
09:00 sharp finish

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