Aperativo – a northern Italian tradition of drinking and nibbling before dinner. Enjoy some antipasti in the Club, the traditional Italian starter course designed to share, to awaken the palate and set the stage for a memorable dining experience.

To elevate your nibbles, consider pairing each dish with a wine to complement each flavour profile, creating a harmonious balance on your palate.

Burrata: A luxurious cheese known for its creamy interior, demands a wine that can match its richness without overpowering it. You can pair it with a glass of Cavedon Prosecco from King valley Victoria.

Pinos Capocollo, Mortadella, and Salami: For the trio of cured meats choose to pair with Michelini Sangiovese from Alpine Victoria 2021.

Marinated White Anchovies: The intense flavours of marinated white anchovies, paired with Artemis Riesling from Southern Highlands N.S.W 2022.

Prosciutto San Daniele: Renowned for its delicate flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture, deserves a wine that can complement its subtlety. Opt for a Liv Zak Pinot Noir Yarra Valley Victoria 2022.

Croquettes with Serrano Ham and Bechamel: To round off your antipasti experience with a crispy and indulgent treat, pair the croquettes filled with Serrano ham and béchamel sauce with Irvine Spring Hill Merlot Eden Valley S.A 2020.

All the wines come by the glass or bottle.

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