Mental Health is a universal human right. How much time during your week do you spend taking care of yourself?

The Club is a great space to do just that. Here is a snapshot of what you can find at the Club to support your wellbeing.

Activity Description
Yoga classes Monday at 18:00, Wednesday at 07:00 and Sunday at 08:30
Group Classes Join others to share the thrill a class – All week check here for the latest timetable
Massage Therapy 30 minutes from $60, 45 minutes from $88, 60 minutes from $110, 90 minutes from $160. (Bookings needed)
Ice Baths Great for recovery (every two weeks on alternate days)
Lane 5 Relax poolside with Nico’s hearty soups

Also, don’t forget about our upcoming Feel-Good Friday, you’re still on time to book your stretch class or Ice Bath and enjoy our delicious lasagna with a fresh mixed leaves salad.

World Suicide Prevention Day falls on 10 September, an initiative led by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). Remember, if you ever find yourself struggling or simply in need of someone to talk to, our doors are open. Come to the Club and share a cup of coffee with us.

To book your spot for any of the Feel Good Friday activities (Ice Baths, Classes), please email