Last Thursday 17 August, the Athletic Department was buzzing with excitement as the Squash court was transformed from downtown Sydney to the rolling beautiful Dolomites of Italy.

The ride was perfectly choreographed by our Trainer Damian and set off on stage 22 of the Giro D’Italia, a hilly stage known as one of the toughest on tour.

The ride let our riders experience the grind and exertion needed to complete this stage (although a little off pace from the actual tour) and was a true success.

Lunchtime saw 14 more riders take on the stage again, the opening song for the Lunchtime class was the classic Italian National Anthem which had the room in a tense but excited frame of mind.

With Pavarotti being the second song on the playlist each rider knew they were in for a great time.

The highlight of the day was easily the after class, where the morning team were treated to a refreshing espresso and delicious Frittata and Italian-inspired pastries, while the lunchtime participants were treated to a slice of delicious and carbohydrate-restoring homemade lasagna.

The ride was a great success, with the team already looking for new challenges to take our members on.

If you have any recommendations for rides, please email the team at