Tuesday 23 April at 06:00

We are excited to announce a unique collaboration!

Join us as the Tattersalls Club and the Arbutus Club Vancouver combine to take you on an interactive workout of the world.

Joining forces with one of the premier athletic clubs of the world, Tattersalls is now able to take you virtually across the pond to engage you in a 45-minute high intensity workout.

Starting at 6 am, members can expect a tough but enjoyable workout focusing on a full-body style movement while interacting with members from around the globe.

The class in Sydney will be led by Malcolm, and the Arbutus section will be led by International award winner Daniela Tempesta, who brings with her a wealth of knowledge and training techniques which we know our members are going to love.

As always, no good deed goes unrewarded, much like our Ferragosto celebration, we will be inviting members to join us at Lane 5 for a Canadian-style breakfast to help refuel and recharge after the workout.