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Carl Hiaasen’s “Basket Case”, a comic crime story, was the basis for another great discussion.

“Basket Case” follows Jack Tagger, an up-and-coming reporter with a local Florida newspaper who is reassigned to writing obituaries after a run-in with the new profit-hungry owner of the paper. The reporter in him is aroused when he suspects something strange about the death of Jimmy Stoma, an ex-rocker from a 70s band. He sets out to prove Jimmy was murdered hoping it will allow him to trade obituaries for a front-page story and revive his flagging career. There the oftentimes whacky adventure begins. Most members found the book funny and witty with a cast of quirky characters.

Was it too implausible? Views differed. Given that the book was written some 20 years ago all agreed that the author was ahead of his time with his predictions of the fate of journalists and newspapers. Scores out of 10 for the book averaged 7, and three-word descriptions included ‘Murder Rocks Obituary’, ‘Sex Rock & Murders, and ‘Gripping Funny Tale’.

The Book club will next meet on Zoom on Tuesday 25 July from 17:30 to discuss Bill Bryson’s book “The Body: A Guide for Occupants”.

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