By the Book Club Team

Dear Members,

Covid has not been kind to most organisations. The book club is no exception. While we can attract large numbers to hear from authors like Nick Whitlam, we need more members for our regular monthly one-hour meetings.

Obviously, the Club is full of readers and obviously, a club like ours should have a book club. Reading is enjoyable and reading with intent (for discussion with your peers) is even more so.

We are totally democratic and every member participates in the choice of books and leads the discussions. We have approximately equal numbers of dedicated men and women.

Recently we have been reading and exploring shortlisted Booker prize winners and those on the shortlist. But if this is not your cup of tea, please tell us what is.

Come along and tell us what books you would like to discuss and when you would like to do so.

Please join us over coffee and cake at 11:30 Tuesday, September 13 at the Club. If unable to make it, please advise the events team of your interest and any suggestions.

Along with this, Tattersalls is here with another edge-of-the-seat Booker prize shortlist: China Room for our next Book Club review.

Written by Sunjeev Sahota, this book revolves around two unforgettable characters seeking to free themselves—one from the expectations of women in early 20th century Punjab, and the other from the weight of life in the contemporary Indian diaspora.

“The follow-up to his Booker Prize-shortlisted The Runaways, Sunjeev Sahota’s new novel follows characters across generations and continents (from Punjab to rural England) and is equally heart-wrenching.” –Entertainment Weekly.

Please join us for an hour of stimulating discussion at 17:30 Tuesday 25 October on Zoom.

Discussion points will be shared with the participating Members to make this event as insightful as possible.

To RSVP for these upcoming events or to join the Book Club or for further information about it or this event, please contact the Events Team at