Tuesday 21 November at 07:15

Each of us strives to excel to the best of our abilities and distinguish ourselves in our respective domains. While the majority of us may never attain the level of athletic prowess exhibited by elite athletes on the field, court, or balance beam, we can draw inspiration from the qualities that drive their success.

We invite you to embark on a journey of personal excellence with us at our final Sports Breakfast of the year, which will feature three exceptional athletes: Dan Collins OLY, Danielle O’Brien OLY and Rhiannon Byers:

Dan Collins OLY. He is a former Olympic medal winner and four-time Olympian who is trusted by companies across Australia for his expertise in developing a winning team and culture. He is a high-performance manager and fitness expert in sports including cycling, triathlon, netball, and Aussie Rules. Dan will be sharing his personal experiences and insights on the powerful interplay between sports and business.

You know that in order to hit your targets, you need your team to come together and your culture to improve. That’s what I do.” – Dan Collins

Danielle O’Brien OLY. Australian former competitive ice dancer. With partner Gregory Merriman, she is a six-time Australian senior national champion and three-time junior national champion. They have competed at the World Championships and Four Continents Championships since 2008 and have competed at three World Junior Championships. They became the first Australian ice dancers to reach the free dance at a World Championships.

Rhiannon Byers. Rhiannon’s rugby journey commenced in the quaint rural town of Pallamallawa, New South Wales. Over the years, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in both sevens and XVs formats. Her rugby career has seen her play for Central North sevens and XVs, represent NSW Country XVs, and compete for NSW in sevens in Perth. Notably, Rhiannon is a valued member of the Australian Rugby 7’s team, one of the first teams to secure a spot in the Australian Tokyo 2020 Olympic team. Her outstanding leadership and exceptional communication skills make her an indispensable asset to the team.

Join us for a morning of knowledge, inspiration and connections.

Tickets: $40 includes presentation, breakfast and coffee.

Wattlenest 2024 Campaign:

Close to 50% of Australia’s elite athletes are living below the poverty line and The WattleNest organisation aspires to change this unacceptable statistic and transform the way athletes are supported now and forever.

It is time to invest in our elite athletes, celebrate our sporting talent and provide pathways to share stories. The WattleNest organisation is gearing up to unveil a significant capital campaign just in time for Christmas. This initiative aims to expedite the delivery of essential financial assistance to dedicated athletes.

They aspire to provide 150 athletes with $10,000 to help mitigate some pressure as they focus on their sporting goals leading into 2024. We are part of their network community which believes that we can amplify the voices of these athletes and gradually instigate meaningful, incremental changes.

If you would like to make a difference now and help to kick start the campaign, you can be one of the 20 first individuals to make a $2,000 pledge (tax-deductible).