Friday 18th March from 08:00

With the 8-week challenge fully underway, the team in the AD want to take your training and nutrition to the next level.

Starting at 08:00 on Friday the 18th March, resident nutritionist Zuzana will lead the seminar with focus on calories in vs calories out, what to eat and why, and examples of daily intakes and what should be on your plate come mealtime.

A vocal advocate for a balanced diet and eating all five food groups, Zuzana will debunk myths around cutting out entire food groups and why no diet fits all.

In addition, Zuzana will explain why calorie-restrictive diets don’t work in the long term, how eating the same things with little variety negatively can affect gut health, which in turn affects weight, skin, mood and more! She will also discuss why it’s so important to feed your body the fuel it requires, not only to fuel muscles post-workout but to keep you feeling strong and ready throughout the day.

Being a fitness professional, champion ballroom dancer and having won awards in bodybuilding/sculpting competitions, in addition to her nutrition education, Zuzana’s knowledge around both elite fitness and the psychology around health and weight is inspiring.

This seminar is not to be missed and gives you the perfect opportunity to try out our new breakfast offerings.

Bookings are essential for this event as spaces will fill quickly.

To RSVP please contact