Tattersalls reflected on International Women’s Day through the eyes of two creatives.

On the 15th May 1858, Bells Life, the sporting paper of the day, commented on the foundation of Tattersalls.

“Notwithstanding the unusual inclemency of the weather, upwards of forty gentlemen subscribers celebrated the formal inauguration of this most desirable institution.”

One hundred sixty-four years later, it was a room of globally connected and represented individuals who braved mother nature’s extremes to celebrate this important day on the Club’s calendar.

The Club welcomed two incredible women who have overcome trauma through creativity. Hosting an after-work fireside chat enabled intimidate conversation and insights.

Melanie Jai, Founder of The Paper Boat Project and is a Sydney-based visual artist, advocate, and collaborator. She is passionate about casting a light on the long term physical and psychological damage caused by child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

Hani Abdile is a writer, student and spoken word poet, who was forced to leave her home country of Somalia, coming to Australia alone at the age of just 17, seeking protection in 2014.

“Thank you. Mel engaged us all, was incredibly clear and moved the room, discussing her art and its healing. Hani was bursting with energy and enthusiasm, leaving us to think what we can do rather than say.”

“Lexi excelled, guiding two passionate talented women to inform the room and gain insights into the strength within us all.”

Save the date IWD 2023 Wednesday 8th March 2023 – help us make this event a celebrated fixture in the Club’s calendar.