Members of Tattersalls Club can be identified by many traits and values. Service to your community, epic enthusiastic amateur sporting achievements and great taste.

Celebrating the achievements of others is a time honoured, well-trodden pastime in the Club.

On the eve of Easter its appropriate to acknowledge the winemakers,  who have provided the raw materials for transubstantiation for millennia and as such have held positions of reverence in our community for some time.

As avid supports of the achievements of great winemakers it is no surprise that Members cellars match the cellar reserve lists of the finest restaurants in the land.

On Wednesday Member and oenophile Michael Milgate literally brought a selection of his cellar (to share with friends). For those rare treats or celebrations, we remind members of the following.

Members BYO – No Corkage
Every Wednesday in the Members Dining Room

This is not essential of course, our team in the dining room have curated an exceptional wine list for those hoping to keep their wines down for a few more years.

If you would like to book a table in our restaurant or member’s Bar, please contact our team at