When did you last change your Wi-Fi password?

As employees trickle back to the offices and CBD, the Business Forum once again met to get the bit between ones teeth and drag Australia out of its productivity malaise – one breakfast meeting at a time.

This week, the group went on a deep dive into CYBER SECURITY. A big theme covering geopolitics, consumer trends, government policy, insurance, media, criminal fraud and policing, governance, culture and internal processes.  And that’s before we even start on the technology itself.

As usual, the Business Forum introduced ourselves and welcomed new members while our friendly staff sorted out nutrition and caffeine requirements. After a general roundup of hot topics, the group smashed out a white-hot conversation under the Chatham House rule, covering everything from IT security essentials to the emerging geopolitics involved.

To give you a sense of the conversation, here are some of the themes:  Who is behind the risk?  What usually goes wrong? What should big businesses do?  What 4 questions should directors ask?  What’s the least a small business owner should do every 90 days*?  

The whole idea of a Business Forum is to help members take advantage of multi-industry and multi-disciplinary perspectives on a common theme. This was a great demonstration of the value of slowing down to share information and think about things together.

If that’s of interest to you, come along to the next Business Forum and give it a go. Our next Business Forum session will be held on Tuesday 30 April from 07:15 to 08:45.

*ANSWER = Change your wifi password.  When was the last time you changed yours?  Our expert recommendation is every 90 days.