Business Forum is back in the Clubhouse with growing numbers and new participants to welcome. The topic this month was the hottest topic in business at the moment – people & recruitment.

What a rollercoaster it’s been over Covid.  From everyone feeling lucky to have a job and holding onto their seat in 2020, to graduates demanding 20% pay increases in 2022 the employment market is running white-hot.

Long-term Member and executive search guru Guy Farrow was on hand to lead a detailed discussion on the issues and trends in search, recruitment and retention.

The forum discussion ranged from the requirements to attract talent through to tips to deal with retention and development of people internally and even succession planning.

It turns out that many businesses now need to totally reset their approach to remuneration, recognition and development. Guy explained the drivers of churn for younger executives which range from advancement levels, remuneration and the big one – their own development.

As always, the BF Members shared experiences and ideas under the Chatham House rule.

As you know, the deeper value of the Business Forum is not just the information from our experts and speakers but the free sharing of ideas and responses from Members exposed to a range of fascinating industries from financial services to advanced manufacturing.

Coming Up:

The next Business Forum will be a round table where Members will share experiences on a range of topics including:

  • How to develop your team on the job
  • Pitching to Win – how to persuade people to do what you need them to do
  • Cryptocurrencies – on sale or on the way out

Date: Tuesday 19 July
Time: 07:15 for 07:30 with a hard finish at 09:00 at the latest

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