Thursday 4th of May at 18:30

Join members Daniel Morahan and Jason Moore to explore the business of travel which offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. The travel industry is growing rapidly, driven by rising incomes, changing consumer preferences and advances in technology. 

On today’s profile is member Daniel Morahan, owner of Keith Prowse Travel.

After Daniel’s dreams of becoming an international sporting legend were crushed, he decided to become an accountant.

After crunching numbers and becoming a green pen expert, Member Daniel Morahan moved into the family business before starting out on his own. As a seasoned sports fanatic, traveller and salesman, he purchased the Keith Prowse Travel business with the purpose of providing people with experiences they would have never thought possible.

Today, the business sends people to some of the world’s best events including Wimbledon, Hong Kong 7’s and the US Masters Golf.

But it’s not all planes and games, Mr Morahan will be ready to answer your questions about what it is to establish and grow a business that is now one of the leaders in global sport travel.

Please join us for after-work drinks and canape in the intimate Members’ Dining Room setting under the Chatham House rule.

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