Thursday 4th March 2021 Newsletter

Tuesday 16th March at 07:30

Member Andrew Beaumont has extensive experience working in Fintech at the intersection of finance and technology. As any ASX investor will know, Fintec is hot and getting hotter. Why? And what is next?

Andrew will brief the BOF team on the status of the Fintec industry with a focus on the status of various Fintec platforms.
This is a sector which is critical for Australian innovation and investment – and it leads the way forward for other sectors. You can’t afford to miss this.

As always, the BOF runs under the Chatham house rule and is finished on the dot at 09:00 so members can make things happen in their businesses.

For Members who own businesses or are simply interested in the world of commerce, BOF is a great way to tap the wisdom of the Tattersalls Club hive mind. BOF members are constantly amazed at the talent and expertise we are lucky enough to have right here in the Club.

Arrive for 07:30 to purchase your breakfast with the meeting wrapping up in time for everyone to get to work.

To RSVP please contact Sara at or on 9263 9202.