The Athletic Department team is putting out an expression of interest to all Members who would like to join our upcoming table tennis tournament.

Table tennis or “Ping Pong” (as it is known in some countries) is a fun, low impact sport that everyone can participate in.

Played on a small wooden table with a net dividing halfway, we will be adopting the international rules set out by the International Table Tennis Association.

The tournament will be set up once we receive interested Member numbers, it will be played in the evenings in the Athletic Department with all equipment provided.

Of course, if you are a table tennis professional and would like to bring your own paddle we also encourage this.

More information will be made available in upcoming newsletters in regard to the tournament and table availability.

There has been a long call to introduce table tennis in the AD, so if the tournament appeals to you or if you have any enquiries regarding table tennis, please let the team know at