Sports person of the year 2022 newsletter

Simon Storry- October-Our Coolangatta Gold’s gold-medallist

Congratulate Mr Simon Storry for completing the Coolangatta Gold race and most importantly for winning our October Athletic Department Member of the month (MOMT) award. Coolangatta Gold is one of the most challenging endurance races in surf sports which was held this year from Saturday 15 October to Sunday 16 October at Queensland’s [...]

Simon Storry- October-Our Coolangatta Gold’s gold-medallist2022-12-08T13:50:09+10:00

Reiji Sano- The Ultimate Samurai

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more fleet-footed and agile athlete in the Athletic Department than our August Athletic Department Member of the month Reiji Sano. Reiji is one of the disciplined trainers in the Athletic Department, and with technique and focus at the forefront of every session, his drive and determination certainly haven’t gone [...]

Reiji Sano- The Ultimate Samurai2022-12-08T13:44:40+10:00

Chris Fydler, Peter Thiel, Guy Farrow & James Hickman- The Dream team

Sheer force, determination, amazing swimming technique, strength, stamina some super-fast racing shorts and a shaved-down body. All of the above and so much more what’s needed to break a World Record. In what can only be described as a swim of the decade, this year four Tattersalls Alumni broke the men’s 200+ age-group [...]

Chris Fydler, Peter Thiel, Guy Farrow & James Hickman- The Dream team2022-12-08T13:31:18+10:00

Justin Hanby- The long-distance swim legend

Our June AD Member of the month, the coveted accolade goes to none other than long-distance legend and all-around great guy Justin Hanby. This year Justin took part in the Great Keppel Island Swim, but just getting to the event was itself an adventure taking two planes, busses, and ferries just to get [...]

Justin Hanby- The long-distance swim legend2022-12-08T13:16:27+10:00

Tanya Ma- Ms Mud Master

Here is a news fact for you – March 2022 has been the wettest month in 80 years. It’s been hard to exercise outdoors and even harder to stay dry. The normal tracks we run have become slippery and muddier than ever. All the above is enough to cancel your running plans and [...]

Tanya Ma- Ms Mud Master2022-12-08T13:06:52+10:00


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