Book Club comes home

By Member Dr Nina Mistilis Our Book Club was resurrected in 2020 during the lockdown and has always operated online via zoom due to the nature of the circumstances during COVID. But it’s finally come home with its first in-person meet held on Tuesday 28 February at the Members’ Bar. Eight Members attended, [...]

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Book Club returns to the Club

The historical biography by author Michael Pembroke "Arthur Phillip – Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy " was discussed at the February book club meeting on Tuesday last. While best known as the founding Governor of the colony, the surprising element to all, was the highly diversified and unexpected background of the man. The book [...]

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First Book Club meet of 2023

17:00 Tuesday 31 January on Zoom We are commencing the 2023 Book Club on a powerful note with Michael Pembroke's Arthur Phillip: sailor, mercenary, governor, spy. This historical biography is based on the life of Arthur Phillip, While most Australians recognise this name, few seem to know much about him. Michael Pembroke delves into [...]

First Book Club meet of 20232022-12-15T09:30:18+10:00

Book Club will see you in 2023

By our Book Club Member Mr David Castle For our last Book Club event of this year, we choose the Women of Troy by Pat Barker. With this book, we were taken into the entrails of the wooden horse sitting outside Troy in pre-biblical times – loaded with Greek warriors. This book is [...]

Book Club will see you in 20232022-11-24T11:31:42+10:00

 Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller for our last Book Club meet of 2022

Last month, the Book Club covered the Booker prize shortlist 2021 novel by Sunjeev Dahota, China Room. It is a heartbreaking story of love, family, survival and betrayal which focuses on the story of a forbidden love that echoes across generations. Mehar, a young bride in rural Punjab, is trying to discover the identity [...]

 Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller for our last Book Club meet of 20222022-11-14T08:19:41+10:00

Book Club keeps turning pages

By Book Club Member David Castle Despite Covid, Tattersalls Book Club has met every single month over the last two years, most of this online. This year we have read six books with two more to go. How the book Club meets work is that six people, especially those who recommend the book [...]

Book Club keeps turning pages2022-10-13T15:44:59+10:00

The Fortune Men brought a wind of grief among Members

By Book Club Member Nina Mistilis The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed, a historical 2021 Booker prize list book, relates how Mahmood Mattan an immigrant Somali seaman, estranged husband, father, gambler, and petty thief was wrongly convicted and hanged for murdering a Jewish shopkeeper in 1952 in Cardiff, Wales; 46 years later his [...]

The Fortune Men brought a wind of grief among Members2022-09-07T14:17:53+10:00

Book Club Meet

By the Book Club Team Dear Members, Covid has not been kind to most organisations. The book club is no exception. While we can attract large numbers to hear from authors like Nick Whitlam, we need more members for our regular monthly one-hour meetings. Obviously, the Club is full of readers and obviously, [...]

Book Club Meet2022-09-01T16:49:33+10:00

Book club reviews: China Room

Another edge-of-the-seat Booker prize shortlists novel China Room is set to engage our Book Club members. Written by Sunjeev Sahota, this book revolves around two unforgettable characters seeking to free themselves—one from the expectations of women in early 20th century Punjab, and the other from the weight of life in the contemporary Indian diaspora. [...]

Book club reviews: China Room2022-09-30T07:52:49+10:00

The Fortune Men: Book Club reviews

The monthly Book Club meet is almost here... The book selection for this event was also from the Booker prize shortlist: – The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed. The Fortune Men is a non-fiction novel that semi-fictionalises the true story of Mahmood Hussein Mattan, a Somali former merchant seaman who was executed after being wrongfully [...]

The Fortune Men: Book Club reviews2022-08-11T16:31:27+10:00


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