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Thank You from Your Tattersalls Team

The team would like to thank all Members who so generously contributed to the 2023 Staff Christmas Gratuity Fund. The contributions were extremely generous which reflects how you value the team, which we are very grateful for. The fund was distributed fairly amongst our staff of over 30 people, including full time, part-time, [...]

Thank You from Your Tattersalls Team2024-01-03T13:17:53+10:00

Welcoming Back a Familiar Face

We are pleased to welcome back Sara Peelgrane, our previous Membership and Communications Manager, in an interim position to assist the Club while we continue the recruitment process for Des Mulcahys Secretary-General Manager replacement. With 8 years previous experience in the Club working closely with Des, Sara has a broad understanding of the [...]

Welcoming Back a Familiar Face2023-12-21T14:34:17+10:00

Thank you and Farewell

Dear Members, I am very proud of what our club has achieved, not just over my 4665 days but for its entire 165 years. Tattersalls is an exceptional place. Everything I want to say can be captured in two words. Thank & You. If I was tasked with being more succinct, one word [...]

Thank you and Farewell2023-12-21T14:30:52+10:00

Employee of the Year – A Force of Positivity and Efficiency

If you've ever joined us for breakfast, Cinzia needs no introduction. Her vibrant energy and heartfelt dedication fill every moment, turning the simple act of sharing a meal into a memorable experience. It's not an exaggeration to say that, in Cinzia's world, love is the secret ingredient that elevates a good cup of [...]

Employee of the Year – A Force of Positivity and Efficiency2023-12-12T16:05:17+10:00

Two Heads are Better than One – EOQ4

It is believed that this proverb traces back as far as 1390 but is first recorded in John Heywood's Book of Proverbs (1546). Heywood was an English dramatist employed at the courts of Henry VIII. It is a fitting origin as hospitality and service refer to front and back of house. Front of [...]

Two Heads are Better than One – EOQ42023-12-06T09:54:45+10:00

Thanking our Team

As Chairman, the generosity of our Members has always been a source of pride. I am equally as proud of our team, and it’s very satisfying when that generosity is directed to and acknowledges our fine staff, who continue to serve us with enthusiasm and great care, maintaining the high standards of service we [...]

Thanking our Team2023-11-23T13:58:43+10:00

Celebrating Popi: Five years of service at Tattersalls Club

In the heart of Tattersalls Club, there's a familiar face that many of you have come to know over the years. Popi, our Food and Beverage server, has been a cornerstone of our Club's evening experience, and he's just hit a five-year milestone of dedicated service! If you've enjoyed visiting the Club in [...]

Celebrating Popi: Five years of service at Tattersalls Club2023-11-08T13:20:03+10:00

Employee of the Quarter: Diana Joy Valentine

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Diana Joy Valentine? If you haven't, you're in for a treat! Diana, whose middle name perfectly encapsulates the joy she's brought to our Club and team, and is our latest Administration superstar. You might not have had the chance to get to know Diana yet, as she's [...]

Employee of the Quarter: Diana Joy Valentine2023-11-03T08:09:04+10:00

10 years of dance moves, music, and a smile that has never stopped

The Athletic Department has seen many changes during the past ten years, including two COVID lockdowns, new layouts and equipment and the creation of a Pilates and Yoga Studio. A fundamental figure that has remained stable is the incredible Johnny Pappas, a very enthusiastic staff member that everyone knows. This week we celebrate his [...]

10 years of dance moves, music, and a smile that has never stopped2023-09-07T14:15:58+10:00

Employee of the Quarter- Behind the scenes

No matter what your endeavour, behind the scenes, is where victories and losses are forged. It's no different at your club. There is a small army of people working day and night to make our club worthy of being a Club of Consequence. Some are also more visible than others, in our case, the [...]

Employee of the Quarter- Behind the scenes2023-07-26T13:39:42+10:00


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