Thursday 07 March 2024 at 18:00

Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day with a unique twist! This year, we are dedicating our celebration to three outstanding local initiatives committed to empowering and supporting women. Let’s come together to make a meaningful impact by endorsing grassroots organisations that pioneer creative solutions to intricate societal challenges.

Meet the Charities:

  • Re-Love: A Sydney-based charity providing essential furniture to individuals in crisis, including women and children escaping family violence and at-risk youths transitioning into social housing.
  • Consent Labs: A youth-driven organisation addressing the gap in sexual consent education, offering a platform for young people to navigate consent respectfully.
  • Cova Project: An Australian charity delivering safe sanitary care to women in developing communities across Africa.

The Event Details:
Members’ Bar and Dining Room
Agenda: Each charity will present its inspiring stories and initiatives, inviting you to be part of the change
Price: $100 per person includes drinks and canapes, (this amount will become “Charity Dollars” which guests pledge to the charity of their choice on the night)

These charities are actively working towards creating better conditions for women globally. This year, our focus is on inspiring action rather than just reflecting on gender disparities.

Additionally, we’re marking a significant milestone – 10 years of welcoming female members to the club. It’s a dual celebration as we aspire to see more women thrive in their careers and serve as role models. Highlighting the importance of our young members, our goal is to inspire the next generation towards building a future with equal opportunities for all.

All members are warmly invited to join us for an evening of giving back, networking, and creating lasting connections.

Let’s make a difference together!