With the 2024 Paris Olympics fast approaching, we’re delighted to share stories from our members with Olympic ties. This time, we spoke with Peter Kerr, former water polo player and an Australian water polo sports official best known for taking the Judge’s Oath at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. He also was an official for the water polo events at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, along with being a referee at the 2000 Games in Sydney, and served as section manager of the Australian team for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.

See the full interview below.

Do you have a highlight/most memorable moment from your Olympic experience?

There are a number – Australian Women’s Water Polo Team winning gold in Sydney 2000, making the Judge’s Oath at the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony and refereeing the first Croatia v Serbia match since the breakup of Yugoslavia.

How has your Olympic experience benefited you in your life/career?

It’s the people you meet, from all walks of life, countries, ethnicities, and sports. Big world out there and you realise what a small part of it you are.

Who is your favourite Olympic competitor of all time?

It’s a tie: Dawn Fraser and Shane Gould.

What will you be watching at this year’s Olympics?

The swimming/water polo mainly but I just love the range of other sports that you only really get to see every four years?

Why did you join Tattersalls Club?

I was working in the city and was encouraged to join a club.Tatts had a very active swim club so it was an easy choice.

How does an active lifestyle enhance your overall wellbeing?

Got to keep moving. So I swim and walk regularly. I really think that it assists your mental well-being + hopefully longevity.