In the heart of Tattersalls Club, there’s a familiar face that many of you have come to know over the years. Popi, our Food and Beverage server, has been a cornerstone of our Club’s evening experience, and he’s just hit a five-year milestone of dedicated service!

If you’ve enjoyed visiting the Club in the evenings, chances are you’ve encountered Popi’s presence. His friendly smile is a constant companion, making every member feel right at home.

As we celebrate Popi’s incredible journey of five years with us, it’s clear that he’s not just a valued member of our team; he’s become a beloved figure in the Tattersalls Club family.

We raise our glasses to Popi and his remarkable fifth anniversary with Tattersalls Club. Join us in cheering for this outstanding team member, and let’s continue to enjoy the warm and friendly service he brings to our Club.

Here’s to you, Popi, and to many more years of creating memorable evenings for all our members!