Olympic years are our favourite! As part of our Olympic Connections series with Members’ stories, we had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel Kowalski OLY, a former athlete who competed in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games and now serves as the Head of Olympian Services for the 2024 Australian Team.

It’s been fantastic connecting with our members and learning about their journeys. Read the full interview below.

Do you have a highlight/most memorable moment from your Olympic experience?

Being on the pool deck on night one of the Swimming finals at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and watching the Australian men’s 4 x100 free relay win was incredible to witness live, along with Cathy Freeman’s win, are my two favourite Olympic memories.

How has your Olympic experience benefited you in your life/career?

I believe the skills I learned trying to master my craft, I’ve transferred into all parts of my life professionally, and personally as well. More importantly, though, it is the friendships made and networks created that I feel have benefited my life most.

Who is your favourite Olympic competitor of all time?

Chris Fydler, Matt Abood, James Hickman, Jonno Cotterill & Peter Murphy 😊

What will you be watching at this year’s Olympics?

My role in Paris has me in the Olympic Village most of the time, so I will definitely be trying to check out whatever I can from there and hopefully get out to an event or two to watch live.

Why did you join Tattersalls Club?

Guy Farrow kindly invited me in for a few swims and the guys in Lane 1 were lapping me, I didn’t like that, so I decided to join and haven’t looked back.

How does an active lifestyle enhance your overall well-being?

Personally, I benefit so much mentally and emotionally from maintaining an active lifestyle, but it is extremely important to me physically as well. Finding a balance and routine when it comes to an active lifestyle is a huge priority for me.