Monday 01 to Wednesday 31 July

Poolside Beers done right.

With July just around the corner, many of us are embarking on giving up alcohol for the month.
A noble cause and something that should be celebrated.

With the rise in the number of zero-alcohol beers on the market, the Athletic Department team have partnered with the Food and Beverage team to stock Heaps normal in the Lane 5 café for the month of July.

The non-alcoholic beer partners perfectly with your workout, and the pool provides that perfect place to unwind on a weekday afternoon.

The beer will be sold in conjunction with our ongoing soup, sandwich and salad offerings as well as the bar menu, meaning there is no reason why you can’t order a burger with chips and a beer for your Friday treat (the AD team have even agreed to turn a blind eye to the number of chips being consumed).

This rollout will be for the month of July, we look forward to offering these alternatives to all those participating in Dry July or for those who want to have a refreshing drink by the pool.

For any more information on this offering or the lane 5 offerings, please email the Athletic team at