The first generation of craft beer drinkers have grown up: they want all the taste and none of the hangover. As a result, beer connoisseurs have crafted mid-strength beers.

There was a time when mid-strength beers were awful — either tasting like metal or just watered-down equivalents of their siblings.  The key is that you must choose the ingredients that don’t leave behind alcohol but instead opt for flavours brewed to celebrate an entire nation. And not just any nation, but one that can boast a prime minister who held a record for drinking a 1.4-litre beer in 11 seconds! We are referring to none other than the legendary late Bob Hawke.

The craft aficionados at Hawke’s brewery in Marrickville have crafted Hawke’s Underdog, a full-flavoured lager with only 3.5% abv. It is single-hopped with aromatic notes of citrus and grapefruit. Overall a crispy and light malt to satisfy any thirst.

The Tattersalls Club has just started pouring this mid-strength lager on tap, which means you do not need to cut out alcohol entirely, but instead enjoy this option beyond insipid light beers.

So it’s not just about hangovers anymore, but an entire drinking experience. You can enjoy this perfect two-schooners moment, where you feel on top of the world while raising a toast to Bob Hawke.

Make a reservation in the Dining room at or just walk in at the Members’ Bar to have a go at our newest addition.