Last Thursday saw the first ever Tattersalls 60° South session.
17 “willing participants” took the plunge on the pool deck.

With temperatures reaching a breathtaking 7 degrees in some baths the ice had hardly melted before our first round of participants slowly guided themselves into the water.
Each member was given 8 minutes to find their version of comfortable and what worked for them, with everyone taking like ducks too freezing water.

Rolling on 10 minute intervals Kerie and Malcolm ensured that no member missed out on the ice being topped up in each bath to ensure maximum results as well as some great facial expressions, exaggerated sounds and words which we aren’t allowed to repeat or publish in this newsletter story.

As the program was such a success we are now opening bookings for round two which will take place on Thursday April 6th.

Each booking slot is 10 minutes in length and will start from 7 am onwards.

We will be offering a breathwork video for those who are interested – this link will be sent two days before.

To book your spot in our next addition of Ice baths please RSVP to Malcolm with your preferred time slot at

PS We want to acknowledge the hard work Kerie did to ensure this process ran smoothly on the Thursday morning, from managing bookings to running ice- Thanks Kerie!

Why 60° South?

Our member Matt Braithwaite-Young has come up with this brilliant name since the Australian Antarctic Territory is situated from 60°S latitude to the South Pole.

This name perfectly captures the essence of taking an ice bath and the extreme temperature that comes with it, reflecting the adventurous and exploratory spirit of our sub-club participants!

Congratulations Matt!