To confront something, you have to confirm its existence.

We can’t change history but we can make it. So whilst the lens of the current day can amplify in a positive and negative way, some things are just always right or wrong. At Tattersalls, we do not hide from our history as there are countless contributions and great service given to the community from the Club and its Members.

#Choosetochallenge is confronting, and acknowledging past wrongs is important.

Where were the errors in our past? The following might be a good example.

July 1936 – Culbertson: Barnum of bridge
I have formed the greatest advertising and publicity organisation in the world. I have sold bridge by appealing to the instincts of sex and fear. First, we appealed to women, to their natural inferiority complex. Bridge was an opportunity for them to gain intellectual parity with their husbands. Then we worked on the husbands’ fear instinct. We made it almost tantamount to shame not to play contract. Finally, we appeal to the gambling instincts of both.

Thankfully we have come a long way, but the destination is still in the distance.

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