Curing meat is a style of cuisine that comes from coastal areas of Central and South America. It combines traditional foods eaten by natives of the region and foods brought by the Spanish in the 1600s.

This culinary tradition has quickly grown in popularity around the world, especially here in Australia. But curing the meat is not easy, as it requires attention to detail and fresh ingredients.

You’d probably overheard a fellow Tattersalls Member talking about curing meats when they first started appearing on our menus less than a year ago. Well you’re not wrong, because here at the Members’ Dining Room, our chefs have been curing fresh Tasmanian salmon whilst most of us had no inkling of its millennia-long history.

In fact, the concept of curing meat is so old we have no recipes for its earliest incarnations, so our chefs have cured this Tasmanian salmon overnight with zest of lemon & orange, fennel seeds, sugar, salt and star anise, served delightfully with pickled cucumbers and goats curd to bring you a very refreshing and light aromatic dish.

Our citrus-cured salmon is lifted to new heights when paired with a glass of our newly-listed Brown Brothers prosecco: zesty and vibrant with aromas of apple and citrus.

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