We would like to congratulate our Club Person of the Year, Club Chairman, Colin Dunn.

The Clubs Statesman, Colin has been a Committee Member since May 2008 and Club Chairman since November 2010. Colin’s leadership of the Club and its committee has seen him steward the Club through a debt crisis and a pandemic, and he has been pivotal in the rebuilding of Tattersalls to the great club we are today. In addition, Colin is a trustee of the ‘Friends of Tattersalls Foundation’ and a ‘Founding Forty’ contributor. Colin is exemplar when demonstrating the Club’s values of Honour and Friendship.

In his acceptance speech, in his eve humble style, Colin reflected on the challenges the Club faced in 2010. He also highlighted the pivotal role of Des, who was hired as the Marketing Manager during that tumultuous period, steering the Club through difficulties and fostering a stronger connection with the community.

Congratulations Colin Dunn on your award of Club Person of the Year for 2023.