By Athletic Manager Malcolm Turnbull

Transport back to 2017, where Despacito is number 1 on the charts, Donald Trump is about to become President, Facebook has over a billion daily users and Tattersalls has welcomed a superstar-in-the-making to their team.

Dzeneta or Jenny as we have come to know her, has been a focal point of all things great that have happened in the Athletic Department.

From teaching online classes during both lockdowns, to being our best player on the indoor soccer team; from becoming a diehard Carlton fan, to leading the way in creating health-conscious meals in Lane 5; Jenny has risen to every challenge and dominated.

Besides her infectious laugh, and non-stop energy (seriously Jenny can talk the whole time during an eight-kilometre run and not even sweat) what we have come to appreciate the most is the kindness that Jenny always offers.

As our lead masseuse, we are sure many of you are aware of the magic that Jenny has in her hands. Jenny has treated and healed so many Members over the past five years, and her skills, knowledge, and technique is the reason so many of us are still functioning at a normal pace.

As head of the Athletic Department, I can attest to just how hard Jenny has worked on upskilling herself in all aspects of health, wellness, and fitness.

Jenny’s PT sessions are unique in a great way, her care for her clients is second to none, and her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure not only our Members but even the Staff around her is always satisfied is something we don’t take for granted.

Please join us in congratulating Jeanette on her incredible five-year journey at the Club.

If you wish to book a massage to PT session with her, Please contact us at