They say there are three things in life you can be sure of: death, taxes, and Damian Tancred being amazing.

The latter for us rings the loudest and is why it’s so easy to award Damian the Tattersalls Team Member of the Quarter.

Damo never fails to impress or amaze with his enthusiasm and passion for things being better. He has championed our Park Run Club, he has worked full steam to improve his and his teammate’s knowledge of the Tattersalls Manifesto, the human body and our upcoming events (doing extra study the night before the weekly team meeting) and keeping everyone motivated and on track while battling Covid.

Damo takes every challenge head-on, whether it be curating a spin class playlist with no song produced after the year 1980, leading icebaths and meditation classes for the Team, or his own training which saw him record the highest points score out of any Team member during the 8 Week Challenge.

Damo has gone above and beyond countless times over the last quarter and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for him.

Congratulations Damian on your award.