A sauna and a pool all great ways to relax and improve your overall health and well being. They each have unique benefits and could even provide greater impact when combined.

The benefits of using a sauna.

Saunas have been used for centuries and are still very popular in many cultures. They have stood the test of time for their relaxing and therapeutic benefits.

In 2018, a systematic review found that regular sauna use can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improve blood pressure, and improve lung function.

Spending time in a sauna can also help to relieve stress, tension and muscle and joint pain.

There are also multiple benefits of including the use of the pool in your exercise regime

Pools, particularly for swimming, are an effective low-impact exercise with many other health benefits. Swimming can improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle strength and endurance, and relieve stress.

Swimming has been shown to improve coordination, flexibility and posture and is a great alternative form of exercise for those who suffer from joint or muscle pain.

At Tattersalls, we recommend starting with the sauna.

This can help warm up your muscles and improve blood flow – which can improve your swimming performance, starting in the sauna gives you the opportunity to focus on your workout and set your mind around what you want to achieve while in the pool, its also a great place to clear the mind.
Remember to drink water while in the sauna to prevent dehydration

Before you jump in the pool, take a shower to rinse off the sweat and toxins. After the shower, you can go for a swim to start your workout and make the most of the day.

As a reminder we have 3 swimming squads a week for our members, they are Monday and Friday morning starting at 6 am and Wednesday Lunch starting at 12.

It is important to know that everyone is different if you experience lightheadedness or while using the sauna slowly remove yourself and rehydrate with water from Lane 5