If you are on the final stretch of Dry July, double down and try a Vegan Pumpkin Miso Pie, made by Two Good Company with a refreshing non-alcoholic beer. Club partner Two Good sees food as a vehicle to demonstrate love and respect With the funds from the sales, they support vulnerable communities such as women experiencing crisis, homelessness, domestic violence, and complex trauma. Two Good also supplies many of our toiletries. Great products for a great cause.

But if you are not denying yourself some of life’s great enjoyments, you can still enjoy the thrill of giving back with delicious meat pies made by Plate it Forward. They are committed to giving dignity through food. With “The Social Meal”- a restaurant-style meal donation program, they provide up to 3,000 meals a week to the community, cooked by their teams and Ability Social students. Tattersalls created almost 5,000 meals for the Plate it Forward initiative at the height of the Covid crisis.

You can have these combinations or create your own for only $15 (one pie + one beer) at the Member’s Bar.

We proudly support these two initiatives as we believe in the power of community, and we want to amplify our purpose to our members. Enjoy!