Lane 1 is undeniably the Club’s championship strip, world champions, Olympic champions and Masters elite all live here.

Lane 4, 12 metres away, has been the nursery of English Channel swimmers, and in between, gifted amateurs have learnt the secrets of the Tattersalls Club’s elixir of youth.

Lane 5 transports you to the Hamptons. Our version of the 19th Hole, this is where the recovery takes place. Sustenance will be on offer to provide the best nutrition (or well-earned treat), in a grab and go format or selection of a la carte during service hours.

Think healthy and interesting salads, delicious and hearty soups, options for those who are shredding and those who are bulking, all under the watchful eye of our chefs, nutritionist and Athletic Department manager.

Whilst we have soft-launched this new poolside offering already, stay tuned for the full re-launch next year!