F&B’s Esmond Kwan

Part of a good diet, pasta has great satiating power and is an excellent source of B vitamins for athletes or anyone who does sports.

Any Members who try to avoid eating pasta because they think it’s a bad diet and full of bad carbs will realise it is actually good for you. Included in a healthy & balanced diet and consumed in the right amounts, pasta helps improve physical performance. It fights fatigue with vitamin B essentials and contains proteins that help repair muscles and gain lean mass.

Currently listed on our menu, is the fresh egg linguine served with zucchini, peas, lemon, mint and whipped mascarpone. Deliciously cooked to perfection, this pasta is a symbolic dish of the Italian Mediterranean diet. What will be even better is if you pair this with a glass of our featured wine here.

Just ask Mario and Cinzia, they both know it is a good source of complex carbohydrates that slowly provide energy to the body – how else do they get all that energy to run an entire restaurant?

To enjoy this dish, please contact the team at dine@tattersallsclub.org to reserve a table.