Wednesday 06 December at 19:30

In 2023, Sydney Dance Company is turning up the tempo as they celebrate a decade of New Breed at Carriageworks. This milestone marks a journey of fostering the next generation of dynamic choreographers and dancers, and we’re thrilled to share this exciting experience with our members.

This year, you’re in for a treat as the program showcases the brilliant choreographic talents of Tra Mi Dinh, Beau Dean Riley Smith, Eliza Cooper, and Riley Fitzgerald. They’re leading the charge, shaping the future of contemporary dance in Australia.

At the heart of Sydney Dance Company’s mission is their unwavering commitment to supporting emerging Australian artists and the future of contemporary dance. New Breed, proudly backed by The Balnaves Foundation, has been instrumental in presenting 35 world premiere works by emerging dance artists over the past decade. This platform has become a launchpad for talents to push the boundaries of contemporary dance, offering groundbreaking experiences to audiences.

With New Breed’s reputation preceding it, this year’s event is set to deliver four exhilarating works that will captivate your senses and leave you in awe. It’s a celebration of creativity, talent, and the boundless possibilities of contemporary dance.

We’re excited to offer our members the chance to be part of this celebration. Our partnership with Sydney Dance Company brings you exclusive access to this outstanding event, with only 6 exclusive tickets. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the dynamic, vibrant, and thrilling performances gracing the stage this December.

Secure your tickets and let’s dance into the world of New Breed!

“There is no understating the importance of New Breed for choreographers, composers, and dancers alike…” – Fjord Review (New Breed 2021)

“From sex and horror to romance and escapism: New Breed has it all” – Sydney Morning Herald (New Breed 2022)